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Wednesday Fun-Time Commercial Bonanza

The commercial I’m gonna talk about today is just…guys it’s just weird. It’s the Tostitos commercial with the anthropomorphic bag of chips that is telling the tale of why he changed his shape to scoops. Already that’s kinda weird. He’s a bag of chips, not a chip. It’s like asking someone why they changed the shape of their spleen while the asker is eating the askee’s spleen. I admit, I have a problem with most animated, anthropomorphic products. It just doesn’t make sense, does the cheese want me to eat a hunk of himself? Or his family? Maybe it’s a tactic in anthropomorphic food warfare to get people to eat their enemies. Maybe Twinkie the Kid is manipulating the human race into devouring those that would oppose his mighty and glorious rein as the one, true, and divinely chosen snack cake monarch!

The Tostitos bag though, he goes above and beyond the standard level of weird. He’s a little too enthusiastic to get dipped throughout the whole commercial, but nothing exceptionally unnerving. Until the very end, when this happens:

Bag says something about how his (spleen’s) new shape makes him able to handle any dip.

Random party goer: “Even this big ol’ dickp?”

Tostitos bag: “BRING IT! BRING IT!”

And then the bag vibrates in excitement while his mouth hangs open and his eyes are wide and staring far off, like an expression of pure pleasure.

Which leads me to the question: did I just see a bag of corn chips come. Is…is this porn? Can they show this on television? Did I accidentally turn on a very specific fetish skinimaxesque channel? Am I actually looking at the internet and got confused?

It’s weird and gross and uncomfortable, kinda like losing your virginity. So I guess Tostitos just popped our collective snack-food-sex cherries. Well, MOST of us (I’m looking at you, guy who has way too many Chester Cheeta stuffed animals, you sick fuck).

P.S. I have a very good bestie level friend that works for Frito-Lay and so while this commercial is awkward and inappropriate, I encourage each and every one of you to continue to enjoy their fine products. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to enjoy this delicious bag of Cheddar Cheese Sun Chips while I contemplate the sexual politics of intra-snack food copulation and whether the dip is the “top” because it goes on the chip.

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